Buying Broken Toys with Fake Money

Seany centsThis is “Seany Cents.” I can use it to buy things from Sean’s room like masks, toys, magazines, or pencils. The prices are determined by the number of LEGOs placed in front of each item on the carpet. You must have a ticket to enter the Seany Shop, which Sean will give you if you ask. Remember, all Seany Cents expire in two days, so act now!

I knew Sean was up to something this morning when his older sister asked if she could change the channel on the TV and he replied “Sure, I’m busy making up my own money system.” I was busy folding laundry and she was getting into a new episode of her favorite show, but before long we were haggling prices and strategically spending our “money” in the Seany Shop. I purchased a talking Woody doll (that no longer talks), the front cover of a recent LEGO magazine, and Pantyhose, a stuffed black panther that was mine as a kid, which Sean discounted to one Seany Cent, just for me. 

Soon the kids were making up more rules: “If I try to enter without giving you my ticket you have to stop me. Then make a ‘beep beep boop’ sound when you scan my ticket.” The Seany Shop was so popular that it had to close temporarily for restocking and to allow time for more currency to be minted.

The items I purchased will sit on my dresser for a few days until Sean loses interest in the idea, when they will quietly reappear in his toy bins. This simple idea, no doubt duplicated by children all over the world, is one of those moments I know I’m going to miss someday. The TV was still playing in the other room, the laundry was getting wrinkly, but for that moment, the most important issue was determining who had enough Seany Cents to buy the broken plastic Easter sunglasses, and I was so glad that it was me.

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